Digital Patient Engagement

Zappix transforms patient care and improves outcomes. Connect directly to patients through whatever digital devices they use to create more personalized, more responsive communication. Zappix patient engagement solutions create engaging digital patient interactions for every type of patient while removing unnecessary bureaucratic burden from staff.

Scheduling appointments, properly preparing patients for procedures, and all patient engagement tasks are made easy, visual, and digital with HIPAA-compliant Zappix solutions.


Top Healthcare Digital Transformation Solutions Provider, 2022


Top Patient Experience Solutions Provider, 2023

Increase Patient Satisfaction & Loyalty

Improve Quality of Care

Improve Competitive Advantage & Positioning

Benefits Our Current Clients Are Seeing: 

Scheduling & Appointment Confirmation

Text message reminders connect to a rich, app-like experience to automatically confirm, cancel, or update schedules.


Pre & Post Procedure Instructions

Automatically deliver the information patients need exactly when they need it to boost patient outcomes and reduce recovery times.


Referral Management & Patient Recalls

Prevent patient leakage and improve referral conversion rates to boost efficiency and revenue.


Digital Surveys

Stay connected to the voice of your patients and quickly identify improvement areas.



Intake Process

Streamline intake for new and returning patients with automated digital interactions.



Patient Outreach

Create & launch automated, targeted campaigns to engage patients via email or text with the most user friendly campaign manager tool available.


Patient Education

Illness and treatment information, helpful videos, and diagrams help patients understand their health.


Transform Patient Interactions Today

Unique Features of Zappix:

Our patient education platform is a fully digital solution that uses dynamic visuals, engaging graphics, and informative videos to enhance the learning experience.

There is no requirement to install a separate application.

Procedure instructions – sending the right instructions, to the right patients, at the right time, via the right media

Our referral reminders and scheduling system is completely automated, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency.

Our solution can be rapidly deployed within just 2-4 weeks ensuring a swift implementation process.

Our system allows for swift changes, with updates typically implemented within hours or days, rather than weeks or months.

Our platform facilitates real-time surveys, allowing for prompt and accurate feedback.

Our solution requires minimal to no IT involvement.

Our solution provides multi-channel proactive engagement and outreach capabilities, enabling effective communication through various channels.

Our platform includes a comprehensive analytics suite, delivering valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Offers seamless telephony integration.

Gastroenterology Solution

Total GI Engagement

Streamline the patient experience, improve preparedness, and improve outcomes.

Keep patients on schedule and connected to the care they need through automated reminders and interactive tools, and increase procedure success rates.

Throughout the week preceding an appointment, Zappix automated patient engagement alerts patients of what medication to take and where to pick it up, the importance of fiber and water intake, directions and parking information for their procedure location, reminders at scheduled intervals the day of their procedure, and a follow up message after the appointment with a health check-in or satisfaction survey.

Visual Self-Service

Inbound Call Solution

Deflect calls away from voice channels and staff to Visual IVR.

A faster, more flexible, and more efficient experience for patients calling in, Zappix Visual IVR converts traditional voice calls to digital & visual self-service. Visual IVR empowers patients to resolve their service needs by themselves, wherever they are, and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a staff member.

Your business will enjoy improved patient satisfaction, increased staff efficiency, and reduced costs thanks to innovative visual patient experience automation.